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Each year the Trust organises almost 200 performances in Jersey hospitals, day care centres and residential homes by musicians specially chosen for their skills in communication. In partnership with the UK charity Music in Hospitals, we organise concert tours, subsidise the cost of performances and meet the general expenses. It is worth noting that Music in Hospitals, from its own financial resourses, contributes half the performance cost, leaving the remaining balance along with travel and accommodation to be apportioned locally.
Our concerts improve the quality of life of adults and children affected by all kinds of illness, life limiting conditions, mental health problems, physical and learning disabilities as well as creating happy memories for families and health care staff .The sensitive approach of the musicians we provide helps to break down social and cultural barriers and the routine of long term care. The musicians do not provide miracle cures but magical moments of warmth and joy as they help to bring the person out of the patient.

 The European Charter on Environment and Health declares that ‘good health and well-being require a clean and harmonious environment in which physical, psychological, social and aesthetic factors are all given their due importance’. The integration of the visual and performing arts into healthcare environments can play a crucial role in achieving these objectives.

A recent study of the effect of visual and performing arts on physiological and biological outcomes concluded that the inclusion of the arts in health care settings:

Induces significant differences in clinical outcomes
Reduces amount of drug consumption
Shortens length of stay in hospital
Improves patient management
Contributes towards increased job satisfaction
Enhances the quality of service 
Outstanding performance, incredibly talented performers not only musically but also in their ability to interact with our audience.
For people with dementia encouraging the act of reminiscence can be highly beneficial to their inner self and their interpersonal skills. Read more
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Arts in Heath Care is proud to have received this prestigious award in recognition of it's work to enrich the lives of people in health care settings. Read more
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